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Joe’s Healthy Meals

I am Joe the chef, or want to be chef. I am the writer, experimenter and photographer of this food blog. Mary Jo is my wife, technical adviser and proofreader. She’s also a great baker and provides me with wonderful breads.

Mary Jo and I retired on the same day, April 29, 2011, and headed into retirement on a 50 foot trawler that we lived on for two years, motoring from Minnesota to Florida where we finally settled. We are landlubbers now, and recently moved back to Minnesota after 10 years in Florida. We’ve got 3 new grandkids and can’t be too far away while they grow.

I started cooking 30 some years ago mainly because I was the one at home in the afternoon and had the most time.

Cooking is what I would do in the afternoon since Mary Jo worked until 5 o’clock. Over the years I’ve learned to appreciate the value of a good recipe and a good chef. I’m still learning, experimenting in the kitchen and I still cook all of our evening meals.

I try to keep most recipes healthy but not always…I hope that’s okay. I include a nutrition label on most recipes so you can determine if the recipe is right for you.

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