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Small Batch, 100% Natural, Plant-Based, Eczema-Friendly, Artisan, Organic Skincare Line

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Joe-Le Soap LLC

At Joe-Le Soap our goal is to provide soaps, body butters, hair treatments, and lip conditioners that do not contain harsh chemicals or common irritants brought on by synthetic fragrances and artificial ingredients. Our soaps are fragrance-free, naturally ph balanced due to our meticulous formulas, and contain raw, organic ingredients. All of our body butters contain premium essential oils that give off a natural and light scent. Our mission is to provide an all natural product line with safe ingredients that will exfoliate, soften, and aid you along the path of improving the appearance of your skin the natural way.

Our products are hand made, in small batches, vegan, and paraben-free. All contain natural and plant-based oils. Our soaps contain sodium hydroxide as a base, which is a naturally-forming substance used to shape soaps. They are cold processed and contain no fragrances or harsh chemicals.

Joe-Le Soap provides natural products to meet the needs of customers with moderate to serious skin sensitivities, including Eczema and several other skin disorders. From initial design to final quality assurance processes, we pride ourselves on engaging in animal cruelty-free practices, testing on no animals, and manufacturing within the USA.

Charlotte-based, the Joe-Le Soap brand was started in 2018 by native Charlottean Levon Handsome. Levon and her late husband Joseph Handsome’s direct exposure to diseases such as Skin Cancer, Non-Hodjkin’s Lymphoma, Eczema, and Alopecia inevitably sparked a passion for a product line that would help others with skin conditions that required a fine-tooth comb over ingredient lists. Motivated by her individual skin complications and inspired by Joseph’s condition and his curiosity for soap making. The goal was to provide an all natural skincare line that was as safe to use for everyone else as it was for them.

The goal was to initially spearhead a completely natural soap line that provided consumers an alternative to many of those found on retail shelves loaded with paragraphs of lengthy and complex ingredients. Joe-Le Soap’s mission was to provide an all natural soap, with safe ingredients that would exfoliate, soften, moisturize, and work to improve the appearance and condition of skin the natural way. The couple worked tirelessly to come up with innovative solutions to not just help consumers with sensitive skin, but consumers who were simply tired of having dry skin, and compromising on counter-productive offerings watered down with artificial fillers.

Two years later after the demand grew, Levon expanded the line of products to include body butter, lip conditioners, and haircare solutions.

In January of 2022, the brand and the family dynamic took a tremendous blow and suffered a tremendous loss with the devastating passing of Joseph. Although heart-broken, Levon has pushed to further the legacy of the brand, and her endless commitment to creating products that help the skin, and not harm it.

What sets us apart from the competition is that we don’t sell a product we sell a solution.

Solution 1

One of the key factors in treating eczema or other skin conditions, is finding the right moisturizer and soap that works, which is ours. Of our 136 website customers, 70% have Eczema. Our customer base has proven that our soaps work for their condition.

Solution 3

Joe-Le Soap provides an uncomplicated alternative to complex ingredient lists. We offer a simple line of skincare products with consistent recipes, with ingredients that come from the earth and not a lab.


Consumers with dry skin, sensitive skin, and Eczema need a line of skincare products that have a limited ingredient list, are safe, and will help their condition as opposed to worsening it.

Joe-Le Soap has that..

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