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JMP The Label

Established in 2021 by MTV star Juliette Porter, Jaymi Washburn, and David Kelleher, JMP The Label is a premier designer swimwear and apparel brand. JMP The Label boutique luxe collections reimagine swimwear for the independent babe on the go – from the beach to the bar, and beyond, each piece is thoughtfully designed to fit every woman. As a body-positive lifestyle brand, all women are kept in mind when creating the perfect look and feel. Precise fits and luxurious fabrics in a wide range of styles and silhouettes make JMP The Label effortlessly chic. With the perfect mix of casual and cool, the JMP vibe goes way beyond the beach or poolside hangs. Plus, with men and children’s swim, JMP The Label now lets everyone join in on the fun.

Swimwear can be an intimate exposure, which is why JMP The Label’s mission is to empower women to embrace their beauty. JMP The Label features inclusive models and leads important conversations around positive body image, women’s health and wellness, and normalizing beautiful and natural bodies of all sizes.
It is JMP the Label’s commitment to continue looking for new and innovative ways to help the world and environment. The factories implement eco-friendly practices, like creating each piece utilizing upcycled and recycled materials. The upcycled or unused fabrics from other companies help the brand reduce its carbon footprint in lieu of producing new materials. The recycled fabrics are created with a blend of recycled nylon fibers, and are only utilized when the upcycled textiles do not suffice in terms of quantity or when they do not meet JMP The Label’s company standards for quality. A fabric upcycling program has also been implemented, where unused fabric scraps are used by local villagers to make other items, like bags and dolls, that they sell to further support the local villages of Bali.

JMP The Label has developed a compostable mailer (that composts in 180 days!) in which the brand sends its goods to you, made of a combination of biobased polymer and plant materials (like field corn and wheat straw) which makes it a low-impact resource. Inside, the packaging should not be thrown out; the reusable wet bags help store not only wet swimsuits but other items like your keys, phone, credit card or lip gloss all while avoiding the risk of ending up in a landfill!
JMP The Label and its founders are grounded in its ethical values and consistently educate themselves on protecting the environment from climate change and pollution. The brand cares passionately about creating a more sustainable future so that women everywhere can thrive confidently and feel their best, one JMP at a time.

The JMP the Label women’s line is currently made on the beautiful island of Bali at Trend Studio Bali, a female-owned boutique factory led by a 95% female management. Trend Studio Bali’s mission is to elevate women everywhere in the world and offer opportunities to women. Similarly, committed to providing safe, respectful and fair working conditions for all of the employees. Following the strict labor practices that are put forth in the United States as a guideline, employees of the factory are only expected to work the standard 8-hour day, and are paid fair wages, provided with pensions, healthcare, and continuing education opportunities. They are also provided with overtime pay and meal allowances. With the expansion of the brand, new partner factories have been added in Turkey and Mexico that are female led, ethical, and eco-friendly.

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