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JKH Photo Gallery has been providing Fine Art Photographic Prints for homes and offices throughout the United States.

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JKH Photo Gallery has been providing Fine Art Photographic Prints for homes and offices throughout the United States. As a Philadelphia based photographer I believe in providing unique images covering diverse subject areas that stimulate thought and understanding of our diverse cultures at fair and reasonable prices that everyone can afford. Our photographs cover a variety of subject areas from landscape, nature, architecture, night photography to street and city life. A lot of photographers specialize in one subject area but we believe life is diverse and complex and our photographs reflect that. We offer not only a variety of subject areas but also a variety of photographic styles from color to black and white created from digital technology to analog film.
Years ago (in the pre digital world) John Henderson had worked with a passion he had for film photography. I built my own darkroom to process and print my work using a 35mm film Canon FDb camera. Unfortunately my work did not get well distributed. Not because of the quality or subject matter but more of not being able to get my work past “the gate keepers”. Back then in the pre internet world, it was more difficult to display your work to the public as the only venues where galleries or shows, etc. Then you had to rely on the art community which was limited and difficult to crack to get a foothold to display your work. So after spending years perfecting my craft through taking and analyzing photos, increasing my knowledge from books and photography classes, I decided to move on from this field frustrated by the inability to showcase my photographs. Years later after working in Information Technology for almost 30 years I decided to resurrect some of film photographs from years ago given how the internet and technology has changed (democratized) the photographic world. This new democratization has now allowed me to be able to display my work without solely relying on “gatekeepers”. Once I started to “resurrect” my original photographs I began to explore digital photography and started taking pictures again this time with a digital camera. This freedom has allowed me to explore even more diverse subjects and styles that will continue to expand as I move forward with my passion and business. I invite you to visit my website at www.jkhphotogallary.com and view my diverse and unique photographic images that can enhance your home or workplace. Follow us on Instagram at @jkhphotogallery as we post a new and diverse photos every Friday. For those small businesses (especially minority owned) such as restaurants, taverns or breweries I’d like to make an offer to provide you any of my photography’s framed and finished as you like for free to display in your establishment. Please free to contact me through my website, Instagram or email me directly at jkhphotogallery@gmail.com

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