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Jim Rendos has been creating artistic photographic images for many years.

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Jim Rendos Photography

Working originally in 35 mm and medium format film and now working entirely in digital imaging, I have Concentrated on creating scenic photographic images of the outdoor world and it’s wildlife inhabitants. This passion has produced a collection of thousands of photo images. This body of work encompasses much of the USA in all four seasons.

Landscape images from sunup to sundown from both grand beautiful iconic locations and from smaller everyday outdoor locations. Here you can find photo images of interesting subjects from vast granite mountains and wide valleys to trees and small plants. Whether you like wide scenic beautiful landscapes or your preference turns toward finding beauty in the closer detail of our natural landscapes there is something her you will like. You can also find sunrises and sunsets and the sunlight playing on the landscape providing many beautiful images for your liking.

Wildlife and small insect inhabitants of our natural world provide a closer look into that natural world that we photograph. Wildlife inhabits all of the outdoor areas photographed. Since these critters don’t usually follow direction very well, capturing their image can be challenging. But they do occasionally pose for the camera and are captured here for your enjoyment.

The outdoors is also where mankind has worked and played throughout history. One can often find interesting examples from man’s working past. Here you can find Images of old buildings, machinery, farms and forests where people once worked of the remaining tools and machines that mankind worked with to get the job done and help to tell their story.

Capturing the light on these landscapes and subjects is the challenge of outdoor photography and providing those images for you to enjoy.

My goal with this site is to share this body of work and make it available to those with an interest in nature and the outdoors along with a little of man’s attempts to work in the great outdoors.
Please feel free to browse through the topics you find interesting.
Also feel free to purchase an image or two. If you like prints to hang on your walls, I print images up to 13″ wide on my Pro printer and have a nearby photo lab that can offer larger prints and prints on canvas, metal and other media. If you prefer to print with your printer, digital files are also available.


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