Jeff and Angie Photography- WTFSTOP

United States, Corpus Christi

Angie is an award winning photographer that discovered her love for the outdoors as a teenager shortly after her family moved to Lake Tahoe.

Main Services:

Photography workshops, Photography class, Photography mentorship, Photographs, Home decorations, Photos, Fine art, Pints, Mentor, photography private class

Jeff and Angie Photography- WTFSTOP

Her passion is landscape photography and broadened after photographing birds for many years, and she’s realized she is definitely a bird watcher too.

Intrigued by so many different kinds of birds, in January of 2021, her year end bird count was 202 species of birds.

Angie is a graduate of New York Institute of Photography and is nearly done with her Masters degree at PPA (Professional Photographers of America)

Her first publication was in Diesel Magazine. Since then, she has been in featured in Focus on Texas Magazine, and their website numerous times. Angie started offering photography workshops and private lessons in the summer of 2019.

She also has a Facebook group called WT F-STOP, and does meetups with local photographers in the South Texas area to share her knowledge with those who are struggling to get started in photography or just need a little help with camera settings.

WT F-STOP was born while she was out with friends and they would ask “Hey Angie, what is the F-Stop?”.

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