Jaimy by Belfius

Belgium, Brussels

Created in 2018, Jaimy by Belfius is a corporate joint venture between Belfius insurance (the insurance division of the Belgian Bankinsurer Belfius) and BCGDV (the digital ventures division of the global consulting firm BCG), that provides solutions to future-proof homes and companies in the most sustainable way.

Main Services:

House renovation, solar panels, Repair in Kind, hybrid heat pumps, boiler maintenance, boiler installation, EV charging post installation, Painting, Electricity, plumbing

Jaimy by Belfius

To that end, Jaimy operates a platform where people or companies with repair, maintenance, or renovation needs are matched with one or multiple quality, local traders. The main categories of work are around the transition to a more sustainable property, like solar panels, heat pumps, insulation, energy-efficient heating systems, or highly efficient glazing. Obviously, also handymen, electricians, plumbers, painters, roofing companies, or general construction companies can be found through the platform. Yearly, close to 100K jobs are delivered to professionals in these different areas of expertise.

If this is too theoretical… imagine, your fuse box has exploded because you were gaming all night and you urgently need an electrician to reboot your electricity so you can win the world cup on your PlayStation… Enter Jaimy where you can require urgent intervention from an available local electrician to get you back behind your game console. Or more seriously, imagine the wind made a tree fall into your greenhouse and you need quotes from different professionals so your insurance company can approve the cash settlement of your claim. Again, enter Jaimy as your one-stop solution for finding insurance-approved professionals. And last, but not least, you can actually book multiple legally obliged services, like your next boiler maintenance, online for a fixed price. The algorithm will present you – live and online – with multiple slots of availability of different heating professionals.

Besides operating its platform, Jaimy also sells its software solution for managing the workflow of a construction job as a white-labeled SAAS solution to customers in Europe. With this software, companies that want to fast launch a matching platform can be up and running in months for a fraction of the cost (and risk) of developing the software themselves. (Jaimy already made the mistakes needed to get to a smooth working platform.)

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