Jae Larenz LLC

United States, Morristown

We offer trendy fashion-forward clothing at affordable prices for women of all body types.

Main Services:

womens clothing, womens apparel, womens shoes, womens accessories, womens fashion, fedoras

Jae Larenz LLC

Our goal is to make women look good, and feel good, but not break the bank doing so. We focus on clothing that can play a hybrid role in someone’s wardrobe – casual or formal with a chic style to both options. We also know that plus size/full-size clothing is typically not as trendy as options for more petite women and we wanted to change that. Most of our items have a wide variance in size, ranging from XS to 4XL. We are fairly new in the business but were founded by a husband and wife team, who are also parents of 4 children, and who are passionate about nice clothing being affordable and accessible. We don’t typically carry high-end (more expensive) brands and focus on working with more independent brands who share a passion for quality clothing at reasonable prices.

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