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JadyK is a company located just outside of Nashville, TN that designs and sells bralettes.

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The owner, Jady, started designing bralettes and selling them in 2019 and they have taken off. To date, she has designed over 80 different bralette skews, and has sold over 100k bralettes!

Jady started selling her 1st design in her own brick and mortar store located in Mount Juliet, TN. The design was so popular that she started selling them wholesale to other local boutiques all around the United States. Her bralettes are currently carried by over 1000 locally owned boutiques nation-wide.

What makes JadyK bralettes so much better than the competition is the time and effort she puts into each design to ensure that it is comfortable, supportive and stylish. Each bralette features a single piece removable pad that offers great support, keeps the “girls” in place, and eliminates the worry of having to find matching pads after washing them! After wearing a JadyK Bralette, you will never want to wear a wired bra again!

Another feature that sets JadyK bralettes apart from the competition is the material selection. Each bralette uses high quality material that is soft, stretchy, and durable. You won’t find yourself scratching at the itchy lace all day because the lace is soft and comfortable. You can even wash and dry your bralettes without fear of breaking them. They are durable enough to stand up to any occasion!

JadyK bralettes are also the most comfortable bralettes you can find on the market today! They provide the support of a traditional underwire wire without all the discomfort. These bralettes will replace your everyday bras and will be something that you will want to wear all day long. Many of her customers come back after after their 1st purchase ready to replace their entire bra drawer with JadyK bralettes! Even women that typically don’t think they can wear a bralette come back for more JadyK!

With all sorts of designs and colors available, you will be able to find a JadyK bralette for any occasion. From full coverage basic bralettes to sexy bralettes that you will want to wear on a date night, JadyK has got you covered. Many of her designs feature unique and intricate lace designs that really set JadyK bralettes apart from others.

Unlike most bralettes that have a very limited size range, JadyK bralettes cover sizes S-XL. Most designs can fit all the way up to a 40DDD, with some styles that can go even higher. JadyK is also working on their very 1st plus size bralette that will be launching soon as well!

And the best part of JadyK bralettes is that they are actually very affordable. Instead of paying $80 plus for a bra, you can get a JadyK Bralette for under $40 without sacrificing on the quality. JadyK bralettes are truly for everyone.

JadyK loves to support the local business community, so you won’t find her designs on Amazon or at any other big box store. She only sells on her own website, in her own local store or in one of the thousands of local boutiques that carry her products.

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