IV On Call

United States, Beverly Hills

IV on Call is a concierge rejuvenation company that customizes vitamin packages to rejuvenate patients in their home or office.

Main Services:

IV Hydration, Myers Cocktail, NAD, Peptides, Glutathione, Immunity Boost, Mobile IV, drugs toradol, Ozempic, WeGovy, mounjaro, Zepbound

IV On Call

The company was founded by a mix of laboratory executives, ED Nurses and ICU doctors. Using a mix of clinical experience, business acumen and patient compassion, they have created a wholesome company that delivers big-time results. IV on Call is a discrete mobile service, and works with some of the world’s best known celebrities and athletes, but still offers the same services in an affordable, customized package in a home setting.

IV On Call has partnered with some other entities to provide expanded services, nationwide. Opt Health provides hormone replacement therapy, Elevai provides exosome products. Tru-Nigen provides professional pharmaceutical grade NAD and Immunity supplements to complements IV On Call’s treatments.

Most recently, IV On Call was at the Oscars! They provided B-12 shots and IV Services for all of the nominees.

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