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At IULaccount.com we specialize in creating IUL retirement accounts for our clients.

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“IUL” is an acronym for “Indexed Universal Life” account. IUL policies have two main components. A cash value accumulation component, and a life insurance component. This sets this product apart from other retirement financial products like IRA’s and 401K’s, because as the policy owner is saving funds, they are protecting their family with the life insurance face amount beginning day one. Whereas a 401K, or IRA only pays beneficiaries the amount accumulated in the account. This is a huge difference.

An IUL account often offers various riders that give the policy owner access to 100% of the face amount in the case of a critical, or terminal illness diagnosis. So people may leverage these riders, if they need them, to fill financial holes in their medical policies, or provide income for whatever their desire. IRA’s and 401K’s aren’t insurance policies, and just can’t offer this.

Most people have not heard of IUL’s. They are truly unique savings vehicles. They offer a tax-free retirement. Policy owners can also access their money, or borrow money from their cash value accumulated, before the official retirement age of 59.5 without penalty. An Indexed Universal Life account is protected against losses in the stock market. The policy will have a minimum floor of 0% and a cap generally between 11-13%.

People use IUL’s to save for a child’s college fund, a new home down payment, other high-ticket item purchases, retirement income, even buy-sell agreements between business partners, and other cases.

IUL accounts make money by mirroring a stock market index, without actually being invested in the market. Clients have their application prepared with a license financial professional. To prepare an IUL application, the client needs to have a social-security, or itin number. Clients most also have a bank account for most insurance companies to draft monthly premiums from. Along with the information above, the life insurance agent will need your Doctor’s contact info and may need other personally identifiable information.

Preparing your IUL application to submit to Insurance carriers for approval can be completed in as little as 30 minutes or even less. You can also open more than one IUL account. Parents, or grandparents often open IUL accounts for their kids, or grandkids. This may not be common sense to some, but the earlier you open an IUL account the more you may benefit from it, as the rule of compound interest favors “starting early.”

At IULaccount.com we love setting our clients up with the peace of mind that they are saving money, and protecting their family, in the event of their premature loss (God forbid). We are a non-captive firm, so we look at products offered by multiple “A” rated-Insurance companies to find the best one for you.

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