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Iter Analytics is a performance analytics, data, and inventory management platform built specifically for modern restaurants and dark kitchens

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Performance Analytics , Inventory Management , Labor Management , Multi-Brand Management , Food Delivery Analytics , Restaurant Analytics , Profitability Calculation , Sales Data Management , POS Integration , Marketing Analytics

Iter Analytics

Iter Analytics is a performance analytics, data, and inventory management platform built specifically for modern restaurants and dark kitchens. Iter helps restaurant owners take control of their businesses by providing easy ways to track, organize, and analyze data so they are never in the dark about how well their business is doing and how much profit they are taking home. Thanks to Iter’s inventory management system, restaurant owners can also save valuable time managing suppliers and always have confidence that they aren’t wasting money through poor inventory practices.

Iter is the ideal analytics tool for modern restaurant owners who want to make their businesses more scalable and operate on many delivery channels at once without missing details or losing control of their costs. We understand how difficult it is to scale restaurant and food brands, that’s why we designed Iter specifically with multi-brand, multi-location restaurants in mind. If you are a restaurant or dark-kitchen owner spending valuable time downloading spreadsheets and trying to make sense of your business, Iter Analytics is the right tool for you.

With the rise in popularity of food delivery apps like Uber Eats, Doordash, Postamates, and Grubhub, restaurants need ways to accurately track their sales across multiple sales channels by taking into account the impact of discounts and commission fees on their business. Food delivery apps drive sales but they squeeze margins, and today’s restaurants need to be able to measure these tradeoffs accurately. That’s why Iter measures total payout and profit, in addition to sales. Iter was founded by former Uber Eats employees who understand exactly what kind of analytics restaurants need to grow on food delivery platforms.

Iter Analytics provides customers with what their POS (point-of-sale) systems lack: high-quality, reliable, and easy to use tools that give restaurants a full 360 view of their businesses that considers food costs, fixed costs, and marketing spend in addition to sales data. Iter’s goal is to bring next generation analytics to restaurants so they can scale their businesses with the precision of an e-commerce site.

What else can Iter Analytics do for your restaurant? Iter offers best-in-class performance analytics so you can analyze your sales by product, channel, day, time, or brand — you name it! With Iter’s powerful sales analytics features, you will be able to easily identify weak points in your business and clear opportunities to improve your sales and profits. If you haven’t yet started using analytics to run your restaurant business, you may just be missing the key to creating a high-value, sustainable restaurant brand that will be able to compete for years to come.

If you are a restaurant or a dark kitchen in the US, Mexico, or Canada who is struggling to grow your business, control your costs, or manage your inventory, Iter Analytics is the solution you’ve been looking for. If you’re still having doubts, we want you to know that we make sure onboarding is seamless, easy, and fast. We will integrate directly with whichever Point-of-Sale (POS) system you are using to manage orders and we will assign a dedicated specialist to help you upload your inventory and train your team to use Iter.

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