Intruder Lures

United States, San Diego

Intruder Lures is a novelty gag gift website that offers a funny phallic fishing lure and related accessories such as shirts and gift combinations.

Main Services:

Novelty Gift, Trolling Lure, Gag Gift, Adult Humor, Bachelor Party Gift, Retirement Gift, Fishing Tackle, Fishing Lure, Marlin Lure

Intruder Lures

We market to an over 18 audience in the novelty gift universe. Other sources of sales come from the fishing community, bachelor party gift ideas, fathers day gifts, retirement gifts and many more.

We take pride in the fact that our product is not just any cheap gimmick from China. Trolling lures with similar components regularly sell for $90 or more. Big Game fishermen appreciate the high quality construction and rigging on the Purple Intruder lure. We charge $44.99 for a gag gift lure that actually catches fish. That’s what sets us apart.

Better yet, we offer a Gift Set for only $59.99 that includes an Intruder lure and a quality cotton T-shirt. The shirts are Gildan royal blue, 100% cotton, silkscreened with 7 spot colors.

Our long sleeve UV shirt is a bargain at $44.99. It’s packed with performance enhancing features. Their moisture wicking breathability helps prevent hot flashes. These comfortable 100% polyester shirts feature colorful full-wrap graphics and the Intruder Lures logo.

All T-Shirts and Performance shirts are available in the sizes real fishermen wear (USA L, USA XL and USA XXL). Ladies like the comfy oversized shirts too.

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