Instant Plumbing & Heating

Canada, Calgary

At Instant Plumbing, we’re honoured to be plumbers.

Main Services:

plumbing, hvac, furnaces, air conditioning, plumber, tankless water heaters, boilers

Instant Plumbing & Heating

At Instant Plumbing, we’re honoured to be plumbers.

Too often, tradespeople become overly focused on making a quick sale and forget about the deeper value of the work they do. At Instant Plumbing, we understand the long-term impact our work can have. That’s why we invest in skilled staff, and train them to be true professionals.

Our plumbers are certified professional journeymen and apprentices that have earned their COR safety certificate.

We work with quality brands to ensure your home is safe, fuel efficient and comfortable.

While we work, we use drop sheets to protect your space and, when we leave, the workplace will be cleaner than when we arrived!

Instant Plumbing is a proud family business

Instant Plumbing Ltd. began as Action Plumbing, founded in 1972, by George Pinel, Sr. and his wife, Shirley. A name change was necessitated in 2001, due to confusion with a competitor with a similar name, and also to give the business a new start when ownership was transferred to George Pinel, Jr.

Instant Plumbing aims to provide a welcoming, warm and honest family environment. Many of our customers have been with us for over 30 years, having seen our staff (especially young George, who started helping his father on the job at age 12) grow up year after year!

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