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With the use of breathwork and bioenergetics we encourage people to explore their internal landscape and connect fully to all aspects of themselves, so that they can breakthrough any resistance they may have to living a more embodied, resilient and empowered life.

Main Services:

Breathwork Training, Breathwork Retreats, Breathwork Facilitator Training, Breathwork Group Facilitator Training

Inspired Breath

We also certify other professionals in the art of breathwork to provide more facilitation and grow this powerful form of breathwork’.

Why Choose Inspired Breath?

We can help you with de-stressing and be more resilient to life; Break undesirable behavioral patterns; create purpose where there is a feeling of being insignifcant or lost; tramua release in a safe and professional manner
deepen connection in relationships; feeling more in your body and less in your head.

We are one some of the most experienced breathwork trainers in Australia. With a combined 30 years experience in breathwork practise, facilitated over 150 group Breathwork sessions.

What we teach in the Breathwork practitioner training;

You will learn a range of breathing techniques that will enable you to feel more, clear density out of the body and open the possibility to explore the transpersonal. Breathwork is a profound healing modality that you can easily incorporate into your existing skills.

This training is also available to those who wish to do a personal healing retreat. This immersive 8-day residential training will free you of life’s distractions so that you can get to the heart of what really matters. In the training, we take you through the ideas that support the therapeutic potential of Breathwork.

We reference the pioneers of Breathwork and somatic psychotherapy like Stanislav Grof and Wilhelm Reich. Subjects covered in this training include
Intrauterine memory, birth trauma, and how the body holds trauma.

Breath and Consciousness

We will examine how we perceive our world and our place in it through the prism of the breath. By being conscious of how we breathe and deliberately altering the pace and depth of our breath, we change our awareness. We will also examine the concepts of the unconscious and the superconscious.

The Mechanics of the Breath

What are we looking for when we witness someone taking deep connected breaths? Any interruption in the psycho-biological process will manifest in the breath. By drawing our client’s attention to any breath restriction, healing the interruption is possible.

Breath and the Unconscious

We examine the evolution of the theory of birth trauma from its emergence in the 1930’s to now. We look at the work of the pioneers of this theory – Anna Freud, Sigmund Freud, Wilhelm Reich, Arthur Janov, Alexander Lowan and Otto Rank.

Practise of a Breathwork Session

Building client rapport. Active listening. Empathy. Boundaries. How to set up the room. How to choose the music. The cycle of a Breathwork session. Integration of the client. Contra-indications for Breathwork.

Pre & Peri-Natal Life & Patterns of Incarnation

Foetal/inter-uterine experience, birth memory, conception memory, pre-conception memory, impact of the mother’s experience on the developing foetus. Understanding Shock and Trauma Trauma is not just something sharp and painful that happens in extreme ways – it can a be a slow seep of cultural trauma from early childhood which colours our everyday view of the world as adults.

Maps of Consciousness

An examination of human consciousness, focusing especially on the Stanislav Grof’s model of understanding human trauma and transpersonal phenomena. Also we view it from the perspective of ‘higher consciousness’ and neuro- plasticity – the power to shape our brains.

Spirits from Other Realms

An exploration of the relationship between non-ordinary states of consciousness and the spirit realm – disembodied spirits, ghosts. Is there a relationship between driven human behaviours and disembodied spirits?

The Organic Mind and the Archaeology of the Self

The organic mind is the primary candidate to understand the unconscious material which arises during a Breathwork session. The organic mind can hold the ancestral, genetic, biographical and racial material.

Epigenetics & Developmental Biology

The Work of Bruce Lipton Personal and historic memory – how our ancestors live on in us What do our forebears pass down to us genetically? It is now clear that our parents, grandparents, great grandparents and beyond can pass down not just physical DNA, but also the body memory of environmental responses to stressors in their lives.

Bio-energetics – The Work of Alexander Lowen

‘We are not ordinary pieces of clay but a substance that has been infused with spirit or charged with energy. When we become more excited, our energy level rises. When we become depressed it falls.’

Epigenetics is the study of these chemical reactions and the factors that influence them. How does the science of epigenetics impact our understandings of Breathwork?

The First Gaze Process T

he importance of healing any lack of bonding between mother and child at the time of birth. Elements of this work can be employed during Breathwork sessions to help your clients if they are ‘drifting’ or ‘stuck’.

Bringing Your Shadow Out of the Dark – Breaking Free from the Hidden Forces That Drive You

Who annoys you the most in life? Are there parts of yourself that you find really ugly? What triggers you the most? Are you afraid of parts of yourself? These are all clues to your shadow – we work with yours in a supportive way!

The Mind and The Brain – Neuroplasticity and the Power of Mental Force

‘Mental force, which is closely related to the ancient Buddhist concepts of mindfulness and karma, provides a basis for the effects of mind on matter that clinical neuroscience finds.’ Commencing a Breathwork Practice It can be daunting starting out in a new modality. We give you tips and guidance about how to position yourself for the best chance of successfully offering your skills to the world.

We are fully accredited trainers under the Australian Breathwork Association.

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