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New Zealand's widest range of eco-friendly & sustainable cleaning, hygiene and packaging supplies.

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cleaning products, hygiene products, food packaging, toilet paper, paper towels, soap, hand sanitiser, janitorial products, disposable gloves, bin liners

Insinc Products

Planet Friendly Commercial Supplies.

We understand that making buying decisions around cleaning and hygiene products for your business can be difficult. Even more so when you want to move to more environmentally friendly products.

We are passionate about providing high quality products for businesses, that are both safe for your staff and the environment.

We also want to make it easy for you to make informed purchasing decisions. We discovered a lack of transparency about what really makes a product eco-friendly. Each product on our website has a logo to show you how eco-friendly / sustainable it is. We make it easy for you to make a decision about what product meets your sustainability requirements.

Toilet paper and paper towels are essential hygiene items in a business and staff and customers can be very fussy about their preferences! By using a recycled paper option you can visually portray that you care for the environment. If you need a luxury type product then purchasing paper products from sustainably farmed forestry will suit you better. Either way you know you are making a difference.

Environmentally friendly cleaning products have come a long way in the past few years. When we first started Insinc over 15 years ago there were very few commercially viable options on the market. We have seen the options grow considerably and you now have a great selection of quality products available at comparative prices to regular cleaning products. Many of the products in our range have environmental certifications and meet hygiene standards, so you know you can trust them.

When it comes to food packaging, our New Zealand Government has been implementing lots of changes in the market and phasing out hard-to-recycle and single-use plastics. Changing to using products like sugarcane containers or wooden cutlery means you will meet the new criteria and show your customers you care.

Disposable gloves are essential for hygiene purposes and choosing the right glove for your needs is essential. Vinyl, latex and nitrile gloves are all suited to different applications. Of these 3 options, latex is the most environmentally friendly option as it is made from rubber trees. Currently there are not many compostable options on the market but these are becoming more readily available.

Selecting the right bin liner for your business means less wastage. Many bin liners are made from recycled materials so a great environmental option. Bin liners made from compostable material will only suit a limited amount of uses. If something wet is put in them, they start to break down very quickly.

Plastic bags / bin liners are made from 3 main material types. Plastic (oil based), Degradable/Biodegradable (oil based with an additive to break them down) and Compostable (made from plant based material. Be aware that there is a difference between being Domestically Compostable and Commercially Compostable and not all compostable products can be disposed of in both.

By choosing to buy eco-friendly and sustainable cleaning, hygiene and packaging products, we can all make a difference.

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