Innovative Diesel, LLC.

United States, Elkton

ID Speed Shop & Performance Center, previously known as Innovative Diesel and ID Motorsports, provides custom tuning that is the future of vehicle calibrations.

Main Services:

Tuning, Performance Parts, Automotive Accessories, Lift kits, LED Lighting

Innovative Diesel, LLC.

Each tune is emissions compliant, meaning they are safe for your vehicle, provide more power, better throttle response, and specifically designed for your driving experience. With our tuning and products, you get the most performance out of your vehicle without sacrificing reliability.

During the late ‘80s and early ‘90s when vehicle tuning wasn’t very advanced. We were getting our feet wet in the Automotive Tuning Industry.

In 2003, we started Innovative Diesel Performance. Innovative was one of the first official SCT dealer and has been working closely with them ever sense. Not only do we do custom tuning for customers, but he trains other tuners how to tune and use the software.

Our company has grown with the technology and through the years have learned to offer the best performance, without sacrificing warranty or create any emissions concerns with your vehicle. It was a learning process but has allowed us to build an excellent foundation to offer our customer products and services for years to come.

ID Speed Shop is your source for automotive accessories. lifts, leveling kits, intakes, exhausts, and the best programming for your vehicle.

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