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Innate Health chiropractic was born out of a vision to nurture a flourishing community of people with health and wellbeing at its heart.

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Innate Health Chiropractic

We believe that a healthy body and mind is essential to reach our full potential in life.
We provide exceptional tailored chiropractic care to the people of Exeter and beyond. Whether you are suffering from spinal issues like back pain or neck pain, joint mobility issues or pain that is limiting your life, we have the tools and skills to get you back on track to a state of abundant health.

Innate Health Chiropractic was established in September 2021 by Chiropractor Dr Jake Neil. After graduating in 2013, Jake spent 6 years mastering his craft under the mentorship of a brilliant chiropractor in the Netherlands. Jake’s drive to help people through excellent chiropractic care has taken him all other the world to learn from the best. In 2020 Jake returned to the UK and set out to establish his vision of providing world class chiropractic treatment in Exeter, Devon.

Combining several groundbreaking approaches is what sets us apart. Our holistic style is what underpins our philosophy. A deep understanding of the spine equips us with the tools to achieve profound healing and recovery.

Jake studied with a highly regarded chiropractor in Australia to learn the NIP protocol (Neuro Impulse Protocol), a system that is leading the way in neurologically-based chiropractic. Alongside other forms of chiropractic, our approach enables us to assess and understand the body is a comprehensive way. Understanding WHY your body isn’t functioning at its best is the key to a longterm successful outcome.

Here at Innate Health Chiropractic we use a range of different systems & approaches to meet your individual needs. Our treatment application can be adapted to what your body needs in that moment, from low force adjustments to deep structural adjustments.

Jake also brings a depth of knowledge of yoga and movement practice that complements his understanding of chiropractic and the human body.

Chiropractic is a healing art that works with the nervous system. The brain and spinal cord coordinate all our physiology, including how are joints and muscles function. Interference in the nervous system leads to patterns of tension in the body that impede its proper function. This manifests as tightness in the musculature, restriction in the spine and joints, and changes to the overall posture. Symptoms like pain develop as a consequence to this lack of ease.

Chiropractic works by analysing the entire body for patterns of tension that are distorting the musculoskeletal system. As we progressively remove these layers, the spine and joints open up, muscles release and relax, and the posture improves. These changes create balance and ease throughout the entire system, allowing the body to move, heal and function at its best.

The most common conditions we see at our practice are lower back pain, sciatica, neck pain and headaches. Joint conditions that affect the shoulders and hips are common too. We help people of all ages. We also enjoy helping athletes reach peak health so they can perform better in their sport. Helping woman during and after their pregnancy through the power of chiropractic is another enjoyment of ours.

Alongside his love of chiropractic, Jake enjoys yoga practice, working out at the gym, and hiking in nature. He is passionate about travel, philosophy and culture. Interesting fact, Jake has completed the Camino de Santiago three times, walking over 1,400km across Spain. Combining his love of travel with studying chiropractic has seen him travel extensively, learning from some of the best in our profession. As a life long student, Jakes’ goal is to be able to provide world class chiropractic care to the residents of Exeter and Devon. Our motto sums it up brilliantly; ‘discover your innate potential’.

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