InfraZen Ltd

United Kingdom, Ryton

InfraZen is a contemporary Managed Service Provider that partners with businesses to formulate and implement IT strategies that drive revenue and return on investment.

Main Services:

InfraZen Ltd

InfraZen leverages advanced AI technology to monitor systems, handle problems and minimize support costs. Services provided include remote monitoring, cybersecurity, data protection, and tools to regulate user behaviour and minimize internal threats.

🤝 InfraZen works collaboratively with businesses to develop IT strategies that increase revenue and provide a return on investment.
🛡️ InfraZen monitors systems to detect issues, which could range from failing devices to ransomware attacks.
🤖 InfraZen uses an AI system that can independently rectify issues, and if it is unable to, alerts an engineer to address the problem.
💰 Utilizing advanced enterprise technology and modern IT management techniques, InfraZen is able to reduce the cost of support by an average of 60%.
👁️‍🗨️ InfraZen offers high-end, centrally managed remote monitoring services.
🛡️ Their services include cybersecurity measures and data protection to safeguard businesses.
🕵️ InfraZen can monitor user behavior and provide necessary tools and training to mitigate threats within a business.

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