Informing Minds Ltd

United Kingdom, London

Our focus is on developing the processes and practices used by mental health professionals globally.

Main Services:

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Informing Minds Ltd

We help psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors, therapists and other professionals to realise their goals.

Our services include:

– Supporting professionals in understanding both their professional and personal goals for their businesses.

– Developing executable plans to grow and sustain the delivery of goals.

– Bringing best in class knowledge of technologies, online practices, data confidentiality, risk management to mental health focused businesses.

– Providing management services to aid the support of therapy practices.

– Project Management, funding bidding support and the development of mental health focused tools and systems.

Informing Minds builds upon Brian Tancock’s mental health-focused work since leaving banking in 2015. Since then Brian has become acutely aware of how difficult it is for those needing help with their mental health to access the help they need.

As Brian sees it, there are a large number of trained mental health professionals, many of whom are looking to develop their practices and attract new clients. More still, are eager to share their knowledge further in the hope of helping people. Yet those who are in need, still struggle to find the help they so desperately seek.

Informing Minds is therefore positioned to help connect those with the knowledge and skills with those needing help.

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