Influence Media PSI TV

United States, Tampa

We deliver your message to a TV audience via OTT (over-the-top television).

Main Services:

We interview entrepreneurs, coaches and authors, We build a Netflix-like TV channel for brands, We create TV channels for Roku TV, We build mobile apps with your TV channel embedded, We share influential reach strategies for brands

Influence Media PSI TV

We interview subject-matter experts and share their messages on the PSI TV channel. We also create Netflix-like TV channels for your brand. Your biz brand can have that channel presence on Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV, VIDAA TV, and Apple TV.

Because the world is primarily accessing the internet via mobile devices, we also build your brand a mobile app with the TV channel embedded for maximum viewership of your content.

Competing services are so corporate and big that customer service is considered sucky. Their prices make it challenging for a small business or solo entrepreneur to consider adding a TV presence to their marketing plan but not with PSI TV. We experienced this hurdle, and when we built our Agency, we knew we had to remove this barrier to entry for others wanting the same brand goal.

Trudy Beerman is a certified TV Producer with almost 30 years of media experience ranging from newspaper press, magazine contributor, Podcast host, and now TV host on her channel.

Trudy is a doctoral student whose research project is on influential reach. While her focus is increasing her TV audience, access to the vision of Influence Media PSI TV is influence, not just a TV audience reach. Clients of PSI TV have an automatic membership in the REACHology(TM) Club, where Trudy shares her research observations and extraction of applicable data from scholarly publications into actionable influence strategies.

People with an offer, message, or solution to share with as wide an audience as possible and using video content to share that message are the ideal client for Influence Media: PSI TV. Your message needs a bigger stage. TV BIG! We make it happen.

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