Infinite Health Integrative Medicine Center

United States, New Orleans

Infinite Health Integrative Medicine Center is a precision medicine practice with a niche focus on health optimization, age reversal and regenerative medicine.

Main Services:

Arthritis, TBI, Stroke, Knee Pain, Back Pain, Hormone Therapy, BHRT, Stem Cells, Peptides

Infinite Health Integrative Medicine Center

Founded over 13 years ago by longevity expert, Trip Goolsby, MD and LeNae Goolsby, thousands of patients from across the nation are feeling, looking and living their best health and life.

Infinite Health’s comprehensive health optimization and age reversal program encompasses a multi-pillar approach which includes nutrition, physical fitness/exercise, metabolic and hormone optimization, and their proprietary mind-body coaching program.

Additionally, Infinite Health’s regenerative medicine modalities utilize the most cutting edge therapies to reduce and in many cases eliminate chronic and debilitating pain. From stroke, to arthritis, to TBI, Alzheimer’s and more, our regenerative medicine modalities are helping people to reclaims their health, and their life.

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