Imagination Cafe

United States, Houston

Imagination Cafe is a Houston-based brand, marketing and advertising agency.

Main Services:

Branding, Advertising, Advertising Agency, Marketing Consulting, Marketing Services, Communications Agency, Public Relations Agency, Digital Agency, Campaign Development, Creative Services

Imagination Cafe

We offer world class brand, marketing and communications services at a dramatically more-competitive cost than traditional advertising agencies. We’re able to do this through remote delivery of specialist expertise and experience. Based on client business and marketing requirements, we configure talent into purpose-driven teams. Once requirements are met, we can deactivate the team or continue to deploy it to support onward or new client requirements.

At project outset, we establish Return on Agency Investment parameters (RAI). RAI can be qualitative or quantitative, either a preliminary estimated indicator of agency performance. Value is a combination of competitive cost and ability to measure agency delivery against client expectations.

Our services are varied, and we support both the client marketer and the agency markets. For clients, we provide essential brand creation, development and management services. We can provide simple to complex campaign development and implementation services. We’re able to provide coordinated marketing integration services, aligning client objectives across varying channel mix selections. We can provide services in a retained capacity, based on projects and in burst mode, where clients need urgent support and have limited resources. For agencies, we can provide service augmentation, whereby we add skills to an agencies capabilities that it doesn’t fully possess. We can provide support in new business support. And likewise with client marketers, we can provide burst support services to cover resource gaps.

Imagination Cafe is led by Brian Lee, a highly-experienced brand, marketing and communications consultant. Brian has worked domestically and internationally, in cities such as New York, London, Moscow and London. He has held CEO positions in global advertising agencies including Grey, Ogilvy and Publicis. He’s provided strategic marketing consulting and complex account management support to brands including American Express, Chase, Citibank, Lloyds Bank, Gillette, L’Oreal, Nestle, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, IBM, SAP, Vodafon, Shell, MD Anderson, United Salt and many more.

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