I’m your new Pty. Ltd.

Australia, Sydney

I'm your new is a job applicant shortlisting platform otherwise known as an Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Main Services:

Recruitment software, Resume Ranking, Video interviewing software , Recruitment , Recruitment Process Outsourcing , Personality Assessments , Resume Matching

I’m your new Pty. Ltd.

The platform is simple to use and can be mastered in minutes. This helps busy team managers with hiring responsibilities to get up to speed fast.

The platform is suitable for teams and organisations of any size. It has features that automate the low-value tasks in a typical recruitment process. For example, the platform includes resume ranking that can automatically read resumes and rank them in order. Every time a new candidate applies, the ranking is repeated. Clients can choose their priorities for example industry experience, education or management level.

Video interviewing software is also included. This allows the employer to send a pre-recorded video interview to candidates. Video interviewing is a great way to learn who is serious about the job but it doesn’t need to be used in every case. The platform automates communications letting candidates know whether they are progressing or unsuccessful.

As well as resume ranking and video interviewing, the platform includes in-built AI language assessment. This provides 65 data points straight from the candidate’s video interview. Traits include things like personality, needs and values. The IYN team can even compare candidates to existing team members.

The platform works with most major job boards and in the case of SEEK, Australia’s largest job board, a deep integration is available at no extra cost. This means that candidate applications will flow between the two sites making life easy for everyone.

A big advantage of using the platform is that it makes it easy to manage candidates from different sources. No more logging into multiple sites and no more inboxes full of resumes. Having all candidates in one place makes it easy to compare them and keep them in the loop. This is critical to ensure good candidates don’t disengage and go elsewhere.

For clients who want to outsource all or part of their recruitment process, I’m your new offers Recruitment Process Outsourcing. This can help provide discipline and rigour and remove bias from the hiring stages. The RPO service is led by senior leaders in the I’m your new business, all based in Australia. Each consultant has 20+ years of experience running businesses and hiring staff. Clients won’t be working with junior recruiters and work is never delegated offshore.

I’m your new offers live one-to-one demonstrations and free trials so clients can test whether services are suitable for their needs.

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