Idyllic Pursuit

United States, Denver, Iowa (the mile wide, not the mile high)

Idyllic Pursuit is not merely a blog; it's a global lifestyle revolution.

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Idyllic Pursuit

As a family-run venture, it operates out of Iowa but reaches across continents, transcending borders with a universal appeal. It captures the essence of a family’s shared passion for travel, home, entrepreneurship, and the freedom of a digital nomad lifestyle. It’s an invitation to readers worldwide to venture beyond their routine, exploring a life less ordinary.

The distinctive trait of Idyllic Pursuit is the genuine and relatable nature of its content. Every post, every image, and every video is a vignette from the lives of its founding family, imparting the beauty and excitement of stepping beyond conventional boundaries. The blog’s spectrum of content spans from recollections of a workday on a sun-kissed Mediterranean beach to a savvy guide for successful small businesses – each piece serves as a testament to the dynamic and invigorating lifestyle it promotes.

The driving force behind Idyllic Pursuit is its founder, Kathy Haan, an adventurous soul with a deep-rooted love for storytelling, a keen sense of curiosity about the world, and a staunch belief in living life on one’s own terms. The founder’s resilience and steadfastness in the face of adversity, their commitment to crafting a unique path and inspiring others to do the same, is a key feature of the blog’s identity and ethos. Kathy is an FAA licensed drone pilot. When not working on her lifestyle blog, you can find her writing her romance novels (she’s published 7 to date) and freelancing for Forbes. She holds an MBA and spent over a decade as a business coach, helping small businesses make money online.

Idyllic Pursuit’s offerings are an eclectic mix of engaging and insightful content. It is a treasure trove of travelogues, DIY projects, business strategies, and digital nomad diaries that strike a chord with readers across the globe. It’s not just about the text, either; Idyllic Pursuit harnesses the power of stunning visuals and engaging videos to create a holistic and immersive experience.

The commitment to creating valuable and inspiring content has garnered Idyllic Pursuit numerous accolades and an impressive global following. Its innovative and personable approach to lifestyle blogging has earned it recognition as a distinguished leader in the field.

Its mission is not merely to tell captivating stories, but to inspire its readers to embark on their unique adventures. After all, the secret to telling a great story is living one.

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