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Iddy Biddy Boo

Iddy Biddy Boo specialises in modern and fun individually psersonalised products for children & babies. High quality personalised emboidered bath towels, beach towels, aprons, face washers, Santa sacks, bags and much, much more.

Simply select the product you like, then choose your colour combinations, add your choice of embroidered design plus embroidered name and then we will individually personalise the gift with your choices.

Our products are specially designed with bright colours children love. Nothing beats the joy of seeing your child feeling special with having their own name on the product, that can not be handed down to another child. We make the ideal and unique gift that kids love.

As a small business we can customise any of our products should you have special requirements. All products are easily ordered and fully supported from our base in Melbourne, Australia via our website at If you have any questions please give us a call or email.

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