ICRIS Managed IT Services Ltd

United Kingdom, London

ICRIS Managed IT Services Ltd is an IT services company, whose team has more than 25 years of IT services experience.

Main Services:

Cybersecurity, Managed IT Services, Database Applications, Business continuity, Cloud computing, Sharepoint, Microsoft365, Infrastructure Planning & Design, Servers & Desktop Services

ICRIS Managed IT Services Ltd

Our team has worked previously for the likes of IBM, Fujitsu, and Virgin Media.

Our IT services are divided into three major categories: Business Process Services, Application Services, and Infrastructure Services. We are experts in data protection, infrastructure, enterprise continuity, and firewall advances, and can offer clients a suite of services to suit their needs, depending on their infrastructure and requirements. We do not have a “one-size-fits-all” framework, because we know it does not fit every customer. We work with businesses of varying sizes from small companies with 5 staff members through to larger companies. We also offer outsourcing services to enterprises

We work based on an assessment of needs and prioritize services that will improve customer performance. Our success has always been driven by our passion for outstanding, fair, and reliable service. Unlike other managed IT services providers, we take the time to understand the clients business from the inside before offering services or solutions.

We deliver services focused on the clients business needs, and are experts in designing, operating, and integrating secure IT services. Our services are delivered in various ways tailored to each business. Customers are able to get the services and technologies for their IT, no matter what sector they are in. We have spent years building up our knowledge about the various industries we serve, so that we can ensure that the correct services are delivered.

We offer a number of monthly membership packages based on customer requirements and budgets. Monthly packages may include, server maintenance, offsite security backups, third-party application maintenance, network security, telephone, and any of our other support services.

We keep our services simple and clear, with a no-nonsense approach. We strive to deliver round-the-clock IT services for our customers and handle all of their technology needs, which also includes interfacing with their third-party service providers.

We are unique in the way we work and what we offer clients, we offer them predictable IT budget – with scalable and flexible programs, we work to reduce their risk and unexpected costs such as downtime and data loss. The support we offer is responsive and dealt with by knowledgeable and experienced staff.
We also aim to align IT with client’s business objectives. Overall we offer them peace of mind, our customers therefore trust us to deliver what we promise.

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