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United Kingdom, Bournemouth

Iconic Surfaces

Iconic Surfaces offer innovative floor, wall, and surface coverings using epoxy resin as the base materials. This allows us an artisan approach to surface finishes which is revolutionising the interior design industry for both residential and commercial properties.

Using epoxy resin we can mimic almost any design, from high-end marble to polished concrete at a much lower price point than those materials would traditionally cost. We can create colours and designs to a client’s exact specification giving them a truly unique and bespoke finish to their floors, walls, and any other type of surface.

The great thing with our epoxy resin surface finishes is we have a number of options to seal them from polyurethanes to polyaspartic, each has its features and benefits and can either be a glass-like gloss finish, satin, or hard-wearing matt. All of our finishes are extremely durable and long-lasting much more so than traditional laminates and vinyl coverings.

Unlike traditional floor coverings, our epoxy resin floors can be laid over existing tile floors, massively reducing the cost and disruption if clients are looking to refurbish a Kitchen without removing the existing units and fixtures. The installation times are also greatly reduced meaning clients can get back to enjoying their home in a shorter amount of time.

The business was founded in 2021 when the current managing director was looking for new opportunities following redundancy during the lockdown. Having worked in the construction and design industry for a number of years the potential with this product quickly became apparent, Whilst still in its first year of business the response has been exceptional, and as more people become aware of just how amazing an epoxy resin surface looks the business continues to grow and gain new admirers.

Iconic Surfaces set themselves apart in this industry by being heavily focused on design first, we always produce a number of sample boards for a client prior to installation and works do not begin until the client has fully agreed on the design. We also study the latest design trends for marble and stone as well as more ‘out there’ design choices so we can offer our customers the very latest styles and provide them inspiration if needed.

As well as creating beautiful finishes for clients we also produce resin art on the side, this allows us to really experiment with different materials and finishes to again ensure we are able to offer our clients something they will not find anywhere else.

All of our installers are also city and guilds trained in decorative epoxy techniques as well as resin-bound driveway installation should the clients want to continue their seamless surfaces outside.

Benefits of an epoxy resin floor;
– Totally seamless surface creating clean lines and removing joints/grout lines which are often hard to keep clean in heavy use areas
– Limitless design options, we will always find a design you love
– Multiple sealer options depending on preference and type of use
– Epoxy Resin is a great heat conductor and an epoxy resin floor will always feel warm underfoot
– Epoxy resin floors can be used with underfloor heating systems and provide improved performance as per the above point
– Epoxy resin floors cost significantly less than marble and stone but can perfectly replicate the look
– Epoxy resin floors are long-lasting and the topcoat can easily be sanded back and re-sealed for even greater longevity
– Epoxy resin floors are hypoallergenic and extremely easy to keep clean

Overall the team at Iconic Surfaces love what we do, that is creating beautiful, artistic designs in people’s home using floors, walls, and surfaces as our canvas.

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