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iCalculator™ was established in 2009 by Peter Starmer, an entrepreneur who initially helped friends with their tax returns when working overseas.

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Peter was surprised at how many nations expect their citizens to perform their own tax calculations without any formal training or clear insight to rules. So, with the support of the local expat community (which had over 20 nations), he started to develop and publish free to use tax calculators to help with the complex calculations and support more timely tax calculations and assist with personal finance planning for tax withholdings (amongst other elements). Within 10 years, iCalculator™ had grown to include tax calculators for every single country in the world and now provides business and personal tax calculators, all of which continue to be free to use. Peter simply asks that users share any feedback / insight to help add features to the tools when tax changes occur, a sort of community driven project with Peter and his team maintaining and sustaining the free resource. In fact, based on the feedback from users of the site, Peter expanded the coverage to include many disciplines including finance, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, logistics and more, it is quite an extraordinary resource, particularly given that it remains free to use.
So, what is iCalculator™
iCalculator™ is a specialist site which provides free online calculators with supporting articles, tutorials and guides, we have the widest selection of salary calculators and tax calculators in the world so you can calculate your take home pay wherever you live or work, calculating income tax and comparing salaries has never been easier. Our aim is to provide you sufficient information to make an informed decision where appropriate and not just leave things to chance and probability, whether you are looking to prepare your annual tax return using the US Tax Calculator or comparing mortgages for your next new home, we have an online calculator to help you. Looking to help your children with their homework, we do that too, with dedicated full course tutorials and lessons with detailed examples and supporting calculators and educational material is the perfect aid to help your children achieve good grades, more importantly all these resources and free to use so you can improve your knowledge with costly fees.

You may notice that iCalculator™ is a trademark, Peter notes that a sad part of the success of the iCalculator™ initiative is that many sites have plagiarized tools and material(s) and the name iCalculator™. The trademark helps to protect the brand and allow users to know and have confidence that they are using legitimate iCalculator™ tools. Others may Copy (Peter notes) but they will not achieve the quality and depth of content that we have (and continue) to deliver. Our team is focused primarily on the education, support and delivery of free, informative tools which help individuals and businesses make informed, practical decisions. This is the core principal that our users respect and underpins our sustained growth well into our second decade.

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