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With so many strands of thread to the tapestry that is teaching, it’s hard to determine what the most important aspect is.

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Why teachers should visit I Love to Teach 101

However, one thing is clear: without a thriving classroom environment, it’s nearly impossible for effective learning to take place. Fortunately, I Love to Teach 101 is the perfect hub for you to understand how to create such an environment.

Sylvia Skinner is an experienced teacher who has taken a unique, fascinating journey in her career. Along the way, she picked up useful nuggets of information on how to work smart, and is now ready to pass on this knowledge.

What can I Love to Teach 101 offer you?

With an informative blog page, handy resources and courses, valuable lessons straight from a seasoned veteran, and the opportunity to receive a free ebook about classroom organisation, I Love to Teach 101 is a hub for educators that truly stands out. It’s a place where Sylvia Skinner, classroom teacher and former principal, imparts knowledge from her 25+ years of experience in a range of different learning environments.

What’s more is that you’ll have access to Sylvia’s signature course ‘Go HERO’, where you can learn to flip the switch and stop the overwhelming thoughts that school life can place on teachers. This aims to offer you professional development (PD) that will take the burden from your shoulders, meaning that you’ll spend less time thinking about menial tasks which could be streamlined and approached more efficiently.

Dedicating your energy toward school is important, but having balance outside of your contracted hours is even more so. After all, an overworked, overburdened teacher won’t be able to show the best version of themselves!

After earning her education degree with honours in ESL, Sylvia led a school for five years while simultaneously teaching her foundation class. With a passion for teaching, but encroaching administrative responsibilities that seemed to eat up weekends, holidays, and free time, Sylvia was determined to figure out the best way to create a calm, inviting environment for herself and her students.

An organised space makes a world of difference and finding different techniques that save time, while also not detracting from the teaching’s impact, was imperative. I Love to Teach 101 shares these techniques, stored up after years of experience!

About the creator

So, who is the architect behind this website? Sylvia Skinner has been a primary school teacher in both Australia and Solomon islands. She understands the pressures that come with teaching, particularly how demanding and overwhelming the workload can mount up to be. Long nights, jam-packed weekends, wasted holidays – these are all things that Sylvia experienced but managed to overcome.

She created I Love to Teach 101 to assist teachers, sharing pearls of wisdom that could help teachers establish and maintain organised classrooms. After all, classroom organisation leads to classroom management, and a vibrant environment means engaged students who are fully invested in their learning. Over the years, Sylvia has created enjoyable classrooms for her students, all built upon the basis of organisation.

Experiencing education overseas

As part of the British Aid Programme, Sylvia ventured overseas in 1986, touching down in the Solomon Islands. Here, she stayed for fifteen years. A month into her arrival, Cyclone Namu hit. Sylvia was keen to help in any way she could, and she ended up teaching a Foundation class of 72 kids!

After recognising that many teachers worked for very little – or nothing at all – Sylvia decided something had to be done.

So, she helped build a school. Sylvia was then asked to become principal, train teachers how to set up, decorate, organise, plan, and teach – all while teaching a full class of kids full time!

Ultimately, this is when she needed to figure out how to work in the smartest way possible. Partly due to her hard work, commitment, and organisational skills, the school experienced great success, with its Year 6 students graduating in the top 10%, allowing them spots in the few High Schools available.

On the back of this success, Sylvia is now keen to share what she learned, looking to equip teachers with the necessary tools to be outstanding educators.

What I Love to Teach 101 could offer you

If you’re passionate about teaching but struggle with aspects of classroom organisation, I Love to Teach 101 is the perfect place for you. Its organisational tools are designed to make you thrive as an educator.

On this website, you can find a range of tips, tricks, and actionable steps that will lay down the foundation of classroom organisation, leading to an improved teaching experience overall. With efficient methods and more hours in the day, you’ll find that your students will receive the best quality of teaching you have to offer.

Upon entering the website, you’ll find four steps that cut right to the chase. Firstly, you can pick up free advice on how to prioritise with 10 killer routines. These are simple steps that you can implement in your practice, creating habits that will positively impact your daily experience as a teacher.

Then, you’ll be directed to take a quick classroom organisation quiz to receive a free report (and no email is required to get it), allowing you to analyse your next steps. From here, take advantage of the free 5-day challenge, which includes tools, tips, and real-world experiences to help you save time and understand the importance of a decluttered mind.

The 5 days are comprised of:
Day 1 – Get Focused
Day 2 – Sort Teacher Books
Day 3 – Tidy & File Papers
Day 4 – Organise Resources
Day 5 – Sentimental Stuff

This is a great introduction to the world of classroom organisation, and a perfect example of how I Love to Teach 101 can help you begin your journey of decreased clutter and a tidy mind.

If you feel a 5-day challenge is time-consuming and want to get it all in one sitting, Sylvia has written a book that goes deeper, called Teacher in Control. This is a no-nonsense, informative ebook that contains practical advice and actionable steps that will guide you through the fundamentals of classroom organisation.

Finally, you’ll be directed to the ultimate resource that any teacher should be armed with: Go HERO. An online PD course centred around getting more done in less time.

If you feel like grading is taking up every spare moment, you’re spinning too many plates, and school completely dominates your thoughts, I Love to Teach 101 offers an amazing course that aims to help you cut your non-contracted hours down to zero. Prioritising efficiency and a healthy work-life balance, this course provides you with the necessary steps to leave work at work.

You’ll be shown how to harness planning hacks and grab a free copy of Sylvia’s ‘Digital Planner’, how to engage your superhero power, flip the switch and stop thinking about school 24/7, refine grading strategies to stop taking work home, and optimise systems for a smooth-running classroom.

This is just another example of how I Love to Teach 101 offers comprehensive coverage of everything you need to declutter your mind and follow an actionable process without any fluff at all! For a PD course that will supplement your teaching and personal life, this is the ideal choice.

You can receive all of this on the first page of the website! I Love to Teach 101 truly demonstrates its comprehensive nature straight from the word go.

Shop for teacher resources and courses

With a substantial part of the revenue going to teachers in need, I Love to Teach 101’s shop offers useful resources in an ethical manner. You’ll have a chance to grab posters, calendars, classroom labels, digital portfolios, journals, planners, and more, in the website’s shop.

You’ll also be able to partake in courses that place value on gamification. This means that you’ll receive XP (experience points), random variable rewards, and bonuses to gain before the countdown stops.

Each course has a private Facebook group with fun activities, as well. Regardless of age, games add that extra level of fun that will engage you in the course’s content. Because of this, I Love to Teach 101 offers a truly unique experience when it comes to improving your organisational abilities!

I Love to Teach 101 is the ultimate organisational hub

Any teacher would benefit from leveraging this comprehensive centre of organisational information. You can arm yourself with useful resources, receive valuable advice from an experienced, passionate teacher, and follow actionable steps to gain the most out of your teaching.

I Love to Teach 101 is also committed to empathy and equity, with profits directly helping teachers in need in the Solomon Islands.

Sylvia has created this website with you in mind, looking to cultivate happier, impactful teachers with a solid understanding of classroom organisation. So, if you want a comprehensive epicentre for all of your organisational needs as an effective educator, I Love to Teach 101 is the place for you.


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