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Nigeria, Lagos

I Love Relationship focus on anything from dating down to marriage success with families.

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I Love Relatioship

It was founded by Anthony Adeokun in April 2012 and ever since then, the goal remains to help build a better and more responsible family through the various articles published almost on a daily basis.

Some of the major topics covered are; relationship tips, relationship advice, dating tips, marriage, parenting, lifestyle, family healthy living, love messages, relationship messages, relationship quotes, friendship text messages, birthday text messages, birthday wishes, and all types of quotes and messages that help partners cherish their romantic relationship.

At I Love Relationship, we welcome sponsored guest articles and link insertion into any of our already existing articles and we also have spaces in various parts of our website for banner or text advertisement.

We will continue to write sensible dating and relationship advice articles that will help young adults as well as an adult to have a successful relationship, and for anyone who finds him or herself in some relationship troubles like breakup or divorce, our articles will show you the part to follow to put your life together and ready to rid the journey again to relationship success.

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