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My story is a simple one of many personal failed attempts at using skincare and makeup products.

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I Love Me Skincare and Cosmetics Ltd

iLM Allergies and me….
I found that there were many products and brands full of promises that I would not react because they had been tested and were super anti-allergenic, only to spend hours and days after wearing the products, battling watery and painful eyes, outbreaks, itchiness and blistering over every part of my body, my head often suffering the worst.

So, I stopped wearing makeup. I stopped using skincare products including soap and found myself battling with self esteem issues when I could not even wear a little makeup to go out with my friends or husband.

Eventually I decided that I would try and make my own skincare and cosmetics so I could be certain what was going into them, making sure my products were free from animal cruelty and were formulated using only the most natural, sustainable and beneficial ingredients – food for my skin.

​It became an obsession. An obsession I now want to share with you.

iLM vision
Our vision was to develop a range of skincare and cosmetic products that use the best natural and organic ingredients we could find, to maximize the benefits for you and your skin.

​We wanted to use minimal packaging and acquire all our ingredients from the most sustainable sources.

​We wanted to give you no compromise products in a natural way.

​We cannot promise that all our products will suit you but we promise you transparency so you can make the decision to love yourself and choose exactly what you are putting on your skin.

Organic, sustainable, trusted skincare.
Our approach is rooted in the idea that all skincare and makeup on this planet should be done right — the formulas must be effective, yet friendly to the skin and our environment.

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