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Horsham Coffee Roaster is dedicated to sourcing and roasting fantastic coffees from around the world

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Coffee, Coffee Beans, Ground Coffee, Nespresso pods, Coffee equipment

Horsham Coffee Roaster

Horsham Coffee Roaster is dedicated to sourcing and roasting fantastic coffees from around the world. It all started back in 2012 there were very few roasters in Sussex with a focus on Specialty coffee. Using a 1kg roaster and our garage we decided to change this. We’ve learned a lot over the years and we’ve grown (though we’re still a small team of just 6 people) but what drives us stays the same. Our goal is to source the best, ethically traded coffees in the world and through developing a highly methodical approach to roasting with the highest possible focus on quality control, bring them to our customers. Our primary focus is sourcing and roasting coffees from our producing partners in Rwanda, Costa Rica, Kenya and Rwanda.

We first started selling our coffee through a stall at the Horsham food market. As a Sussex coffee roaster Horsham seemed like a great place to start selling our coffee. We’d be there every Thursday and Saturday come rain or shine from 2012 until late 2013. It was a steep learning curve and as we muddled through demand for our coffee increased so we must’ve been doing something right. Coffee production wasn’t the only thing that grew – our family did too! So eventually we had to give up the stall at the market after the birth of our second son, because evidently trying to steam a flat white and feed a small child simultaneously isn’t good for anyone. Our experience at the market was incredibly valuable and ultimately was the launch pad for what Horsham Coffee Roaster was to become and is today. It also helped us meet many of the wonderful folks involved in the local coffee community such as our now long standing team member Stephen, who at the time was on his way to Toronto – the city that started our own coffee journey – to begin his path as superstar barista. Stephen now owns and runs Urban Botanica, a fantastic coffee shop in Kennington, South London. Leaving the market really allowed us to focus on the sourcing and wholesale side of things as well as the space to increase our roasting capacity.

Alongside the philosophy that has informed our development over the years our core focus for sourcing has become our Relationship Coffees. These are coffees sourced by us through direct links with farmers and producers alongside our import partners. Currently, we have established partnerships in Rwanda, Kenya, Costa Rica and Brazil. Well-chosen importing partners are essential to match us with farmers and co-operatives that are dedicated to producing speciality grade (i.e. the highest possible quality) coffees.

We are committed to purchasing ethically traded coffees with full traceability to its origins. We also endeavour to obtain full transparency of our coffee’s financial trail, giving us and our customers, peace of mind that each farmer has been well paid for the outstanding coffee they produce. We were the first UK roaster to sign The Pledge at transparency.coffee. If you’d like to know more about this please read the transparency report on our website. In 2019 we partnered with One Tree Planted with a commitment to plant one tree for every 1kg or Rwandan and Kenyan coffee sold via our website and to our wholesale customers. Our low emissions Loring S35 keeps our emissions low but planting trees puts us into carbon credit. Visit our tree planting page to read more about the project.

We continue to focus on supplying home and wholesale customers with fantastic coffees with great deals on equipment and fast shipping on orders placed on our website.

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