Homechip Ltd

United Kingdom, Milton Keynes

We are a company specialising in supplying products based around the 1-wire protocol.

Main Services:

iButtons, 1-wire products, Sensors, PCB design

Homechip Ltd

This includes the well known iButton range from Dallas/Maxim but also sensors of all sorts including Temperature, humidity, current, voltage, light level and barometric pressure.

We also can do development of your own electronic projects. We have PCB design skills and can make up short runs of surface mounted PCBs.

We were formed out of our founder’s interest in home automation 25 years ago. He was importing small numbers of components from the USA and reasoned that he might as well share shipping costs with other individuals with the same interests. The project grew and became Homechip Ltd.

We sell throughout the UK and now also Europe and the Rest of the World. Have a look at our web site and if you don’t see what you want, give us a call. We have friends and suppliers everywhere and are experts at finding what you want.

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