Hidalgo Ahora

Mexico, Pachuca

My website serves daily, short-form, easy-to-read newspaper articles about relevant events happening in the state of Hidalgo in Mexico.

Main Services:

breaking new, state news, tourist info, cultural events reporting

Hidalgo Ahora

My newspaper stands out from competitors because I only serve news about or regarding the state of Hidalgo, no national news, no sensational news, and no click-bait news about other locations.
I started this online newspaper last year around September and I have gained a good amount of following through social media, I do have some organic traffic and I have placed a good set of keywords but I want to boost my domain authority to get better at organic search engine results.
Some relevant keywords I want to rank better for are: “noticias de Hidalgo”, “noticias Hidalgo”, noticias actuales de Hidalgo”, “últimas noticias de Hidalgo” and the likes of them.

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"It seems like a good way to keep everything that is important for my online presence in one site."

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