Heske Hypnotherapy

Netherlands, AMSTERDAM

10-week hypnotherapy & coaching program called 'The Emotional Eaters Detox'

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Hypnotherapy , Rapid Transformational Therapy , coaching , weightloss , rapid weightloss , emotional eating , bulimia recovery , BED recovery , binge eating , Anxiety relief

Heske Hypnotherapy

After fifteen+ years of experience in buying and product management I started my career in Psychology and RTT five years ago. I am so happy to finally use all this knowledge and experience for a healing purpose. I have always been interested in the human psyche, and especially in the subconscious mind, which takes up to almost 95% of our total consciousness.

Driven by 20 years of personal experience with depression, eating disorders, and the struggle afterwards to get my body and mind in balance again. I am fully dedicated to help my clients in the most efficient and transformative way possible. Thanks to the Transformational Hpnotherapy method of RTT I know you can feel empowered again, and you’ll get your life back much faster than I did!

Since starting my practice I watched so many people transform their lives by changing deep-rooted issues that seemed impossible to solve: addictions, low self esteem, depression, anxiety, and eating disorders.

I have developed a 10-week hypnotherapy & coaching program called ‘The Emotional Eaters Detox’ that wil jump start a 180 degree change in your mind, body and mood! Your body will thank you by healing it’s metabolism, building self esteem, balancing your mood and settling at a weight that is appropriate and right for you…

I live in Amsterdam, together with my husband and two kids. Technology gives me the opportunity to work face to face and online with clients in Dutch, Spanish or English.

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