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Heavyglare Eyewear

Heavyglare Eyewear – Complete Eyewear Solutions
Celebrating 23 Years of Complete Service!
Heavyglare Eyewear is a division of Sunray Optical Inc. We established ourselves in 1999. Here at Heavyglare, we have been selling eyewear online for over twenty years. While the times may be changing, we continue to be a strong, professional presence online for all of your eyewear needs.

Over two decades ago, we started, like many, as a local home-based business within the land of 10,000 lakes, AKA Minnesota. Quickly, we grew into a national company that was able to connect through lenses worldwide.

Heavyglare is a trusted American-based company, starting in St. Paul, Minnesota, followed by time spent in Eagan, MN, and we now reside in Burnsville, MN. But, with the help of the internet, we have been able to master servicing our worldwide customer base with just a few clicks. Heavyglare has become the premier, detail-oriented place to service your every need. Online or in our store, we provide guaranteed satisfaction with over one hundred major brands and solve even the rarest of rare prescription needs.

Our Why?
At Heavyglare, we developed the process that most customers had difficulty getting fitted properly for custom sunglasses and their eyeglasses. What makes us the go-to place to be is that we pride ourselves on the art of customized wrapped sunglasses. We provide a personalized touch from start to finish, ensuring our customer needs are met, and if not, we do offer a one-time redo if the specifications, look, or feel are just not quite right. That is our commitment to you. We are confident in our vision, and you will see this same vision.

We have proven ourselves over and over and established trust with the United States Government. Part of our story includes fitting prescription eyewear for the US Government. Our first large order was for the 82ndAirborne. At a FOB forward operating base, the soldiers needed to be equipped with protective eyewear for both day and night. We devised a system to receive, process, package, and ship 4,000 pairs of eyewear to our brave men and women within a 30-day window. While it was a monumental task, we were proud to be of service to them. This also paved the way for how we can handle customers shipping us their lenses and prescriptions for fully customizable service. We now have a General Service Contract that allows all governmental agencies to order directly from us. If the government trusts us, we can be trusted.

We have developed a reputable and trusted brand going into our third decade. Through hard work, detail, precision, and passion, we continue to be there for our customers and their eyewear needs. Heavyglare is proud to make optical dreams come true. We are the optimal place for all-optical issues.

Lastly, in light of recent pandemics, we are also committed to operating with the utmost safety measures. Heavyglare continues to strive to keep the best interest of our customers a top priority.

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