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United Kingdom, Oakhanger

Handsling Bikes manufacturers high-quality carbon bicycle frames and wheels. The frames are painted in limited edition colours, then built up into full bikes with customised specifications for every rider.

Main Services:

Handsling Bikes manufacture carbon bicycle frames and carbon bicycle wheels for road riding, cyclocross and track racing.

Handsling Bikes

Handsling manufactures quality products that are designed to be high performing – demonstrated by winning two world titles, more than 20 national championships and numerous regional championships. Yet they must be tough enough for amateur racing and riding, where a new frame from a team car is not an option and a broken frame is a real issue.

Handsling also supports customising, both in terms of paint and build, making every Handsling bike unique and therefore very special to the rider.

EPS Internal Moulds
We use the latest production techniques such as EPS internal moulds to ensure we have the highest levels of carbon compaction in our frames, making lighter, stronger and stiffer frames. The inside of the frames are very well finished making internal cabling very easy.

We design our own frames

Our frames are designed in-house, working in conjunction with our very talented and experienced engineer who turns our rough designs and ideas into practical 2D and then CAD 3D, and then into prototype frames. In all scenarios we lead the design process and exercise control over the production process.

Build Quality

Handsling frames are all about robust quality. We decided upon this strategy after experiencing numerous issues with high-end frames being damaged in minor collisions, the constant striving for lightweight leading to the use of thin, brittle carbon.

We wanted to make tough, durable frames that can win bike races, but also last more than half a season and survive a minor knock or even crash, making them ideal for the amateur cyclist on a limited budget. Most buyers want to buy just the one bike, not one plus a spare, so the frames have to be tough.

Product testing

Our frames are rigorously tested. This is a two stage process involving intense and often destructive testing in the factory, followed by real world testing here in the UK.

Handsling Bikes started life in 2014 when the race team, Handsling Racing, needed new frames. Rather than seek a new sponsor, Simon Whiten set out to use his contacts in the Far East to manufacture bespoke frames. The feedback from the team was hugely positive as the frames were phenomenal. Word spread and other riders asked if they could buy Handsling frames. In 2015 it became a business.

Handsling quickly racked up over 20 national championship wins with the likes of Fred Wright, Oscar Nilsson-Julien, Graham Crow, Allan Davis, Catherine Coley, and Charlotte Cole-Hossain putting the bikes on the top step of the podium. Thomas Burnett also claimed the South-east regional cyclocross championships. In 2019 Catherine Coley rode her Handsling to two Masters World titles.

The RR1 was Handsling’s most successful road model, winning many races and even being ridden in Belgian Classics.

The stiff, aero road frames, dubbed the A1R0 and A1R2, notched up multiple criterium victories.

On the track the TR1, TR2 and TR3 frames achieved win after win.

Meanwhile in cyclocross the CXC, CXD and CEX models took victories in the mud.

This helped the business grow quickly and in 2017 Handsling relocated from London to Hampshire, allowing further expansion, with a larger workshop and more staff, while also generating extra investment. This in turn meant that Handsling had the resources to design new, unique frames and acquire moulds for manufacture, rather than using so called ‘open mould’ designs.

2021 was a great year for Handsling riders on the track. GB’s Josh Giddings had a standout performance at the Track European Championships, storming to superb gold medals in the team pursuit and Madison, and sixth in the individual pursuit. Flora Perkins, also riding a TR3evo, finished fourth in both the scratch race and the elimination, underlining her credentials as one to watch for the future. Handsling continues to develop new models with another two new unique frames at the test stage, including a TT bike and a pursuit bike, and a variety of products in design.
Handsling continues to develop new models with another two new unique frames at the test stage, including a TT bike and a pursuit bike, and a variety of products in design.

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