HAL ERP – Run Business Faster

Saudi Arabia, Riyadh

We are a cloud ERP started with the intention of Running Business faster for SMEs.

Main Services:

Hal Business Success ERP, Hal Edgecation, ReachApp

HAL ERP – Run Business Faster

We have found that ERPs focus on the correctness of data compromising speed and User Experience in the market. Users used to Facebook and social media find themselves in a different world or in the past when they use ERPs. We wish to change it for the better by focusing on speed, flexibility and ease of use.

Yes, we do offer like any other ERPs such as Sales, Purchasing, Accounting, Human Resources, Manufacturing, Services, etc but with the taste of speed and ease.

We continuously reinvent things. ERPs are filled with forms from 1900s (alas, you have to fill the form every time) but we wish to make it formless since we are in 2000s. For example, the creation of a Sales invoice will be a bot conversation or command. It is like how you tell your Secretary/assistant to invoice so and so customers with such and such value/details. it is as simple as that.

If you are in the market for SMART and modern ERP, Consider HAL Business Success ERP.


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