Guerrilla Trading

United Kingdom, London

We are dedicated to helping traders achieve long-term success in the Forex market through mechanical trading strategies.

Main Services:

forex trading, Funded Trader Program

Guerrilla Trading

The company was founded in 2019 by Joshua Bunker and David Jason; Joshua mentored David, an aspiring trader then. We offer our flagship Funded Trader Program to select people who wish to achieve consistent monthly double-digit returns. We have three mechanical trading strategies, all of which are traded on the one-hour timeframe.

We forecast all of our trades in advance (no fake hindsight trading here), and most of our members execute the same trades due to the mechanical rules, which remove human emotion and discretion. Many of our members are trading six, seven, and even eight-figure trading accounts due to these strategies. The community supports over 15,000 traders with a step-by-step program, one-on-one coaching, a dedicated success manager, and weekly group calls. Our methods are focused on consistent results and financial growth.

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