GTS Financial

United States, Bloomington, MN

GTS Financial is a fee-only fiduciary financial planner.

Main Services:

Financial Planning, Investment Management, Retirement Planning, Fee Only Financial Advisor, Fiduciary Financial Advisor, Certified Financial Planner, Financial Planning For Widows, Small Business Owners Retirement Plans, Tax Planning, Finance for women

GTS Financial

This means we are legally obligated to always act in our client’s best interest – something many advisors can’t say. We help with all things involving money, so you have one trusted source for any of your financial questions. Rather than spending time searching for your answers to your financial questions online, work with us to get advice tailored to your situation. We aim to filter out all the noise and simplify the complex world of finance.

We’ve helped many widows manage their finances after the loss of their loved ones. When grieving, it’s important to have a guide to help through the many financial decisions.

We also work with many people approaching or in retirement. There are a lot of complicated decisions to make – some of which you only get once chance at. Many people want to know when they should you claim social security? What options should you pick for your pension? How should you structure your portfolio in retirement? What’s the best way to take income from a portfolio? We help with all these questions and more to ensure a smooth transition into retirement.

We work with young professionals who are either business owners or have high incomes. Due to their antiquated setup, old-school financial advisors often require a million dollars or more in a portfolio to work with you. But, due to our innovative approach, that’s not the case with us. We’re able to work with young business owners or professionals to help them make wise decisions with their finances. This includes utilizing the proper retirement planning tools to help minimize taxes.

We pride ourselves on transparency. Most people have no idea what they pay their advisor, and we thought this should change. That’s why we work on a flat, monthly fee basis. All our clients know exactly what they pay us – no hidden fees!

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