Grout Brothers

United States, Sarasota

In 2011, The Grout Brothers came into existence through the efforts of Oleg and Denis, who started the company from scratch and have been steadily growing it ever since.

Main Services:

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Grout Brothers

The company, which specializes in tile and grout restoration, is a family-owned and operated business comprising four brothers, namely Oleg, Denis, Vadim, and Tim. Notably, all of the work performed by The Grout Brothers is completed by the brothers themselves. With a commitment to providing consistent, high-quality workmanship, the brothers are dedicated to building and maintaining an excellent reputation within the local community.

As we began to establish our company, we made a deliberate decision to specialize exclusively in tile and grout restoration. Our aim was to develop an unrivaled level of expertise in this field, and we have succeeded in doing just that.

Unlike many of our competitors, who are primarily carpet cleaners that offer tile and grout services as an add-on or side service, we are solely focused on mastering tile and grout restoration. Additionally, some of our competitors are franchise companies that struggle to deliver consistent results due to their reliance on numerous employees with varying levels of expertise. At Grout Brothers, our customers can always expect to receive services from two skilled professionals who have dedicated their careers to restoring tile and grout.

Presently, we offer a range of services, including ceramic/porcelain tile cleaning, travertine and marble tile cleaning, grout sealing, natural stone sealing, grout repairs, and grout staining (color sealing). Our consistent track record of producing exceptional results has earned us the trust and loyalty of our customers.

Following the completion of each job, we send our customers maintenance recommendations via email. These recommendations are designed to help prolong the cleanliness of the surfaces that we have restored. By following these guidelines, our customers can take proactive measures to keep their surfaces looking their best for longer periods of time.

At Grout Brothers, our primary objective is to consistently deliver the best possible results and provide exceptional customer service at an affordable price. To achieve this, we approach every job with the mindset that our business depends on it – because, in reality, it does. Before leaving a job site, we make certain that each and every one of our customers is fully satisfied with the work we have done.

If you are contemplating having your tile and/or grout cleaned and restored, we assure you that you need look no further. Our team is committed to providing results that will exceed your expectations, and we will never subject you to disappointments, hassle, surprise charges, bad attitudes, or subpar outcomes. As a local business, we are readily accessible and responsive to your needs. We invite you to give us a call to discuss how we can assist you.

Prior to establishing Grout Brothers, we had been employed by a grout cleaning company that was treating us unfairly and believed that they could continue to do so without consequence. In brief, we were not paid for a number of jobs that we had completed successfully, and we eventually realized that we no longer needed to tolerate such uncertainty, so we decided to strike out on our own. Approximately a year later, we learned that the aforementioned grout cleaning company had gone out of business – a development that did not come as a surprise. Over the years, we have encountered a variety of challenges, and there have been times when we considered throwing in the towel. However, our persistence has paid off, and as word of our services has spread, we have become increasingly busy. We remain dedicated to serving our wonderful community, one grout line at a time.

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