Griffin Expressions

United States, Jacksonville, Florida

Small business, self made. This business started in my garage and is now a store front.

Main Services:

Direct to film transfers, Custom DTF, DTF gang sheets , Sublimation transfers, Sublimation tumblers, Sublimation accessories , Acrylic blanks, Business merch, Custom shirts, Custom hoodies

Griffin Expressions

The most important part of this business is to provide quality and customer service with fast turn around times.

We provide direct to film transfers (DTF) singles images, gang sheets with no minimums. DTF transfers are used to put designs on tshirts and other items quick and easy. This is a great resource for boutique owners and shirt makers. Full color transfers that are cost effective and easy to use.

DTF can also be used by other businesses such as screen print companies that need a quick and easy way to process full color shirts.

We also offer custom products such as shirts, hoodies, signs, biz merch etc.

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