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Green Cart is a UAE based online shop offering eco-friendly and sustainable products directly to customers.

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United Arab Emirates, GCC Countries, United Kingdom, Malaysia, United States of America, Canada, Netherlands, Sweden, Australia, Italy


Our mission is to inspire green living by providing environmentally friendly and socially responsible choices for our everyday requirements. There is a wide spread notion that the sustainable / eco-friendly option is not a real practical alternative to the products that we use daily. By providing very user friendly and economical options focusing our daily lives, we hope to provide a choice to customers to be more planet friendly.

Our portal is licensed by Dubai Economic Department, Government of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The company is involved in sourcing, marketing and selling of sustainable, natural, handmade and social impact products to the consumers in the UAE, GCC and across the globe.

Our USP (Unique Selling Proposition):

“In Love with Nature”

Products listed in our online store will be of the natural, green, eco-friendly, sustainable, handmade & artisan made category which will provide a sense of responsibility and pride to the users.

Consumers have become more aware about the environmental and sustainability issues and it influences their buying behavior. They desire to purchase products and services that are less environmentally harmful, organic, herbal and bio-degradable. Apart from this, the products categories such as handmade, social enterprise, artisan made and indigenous origins are also provide them a sense of care and responsibility.

Our Philosophy:

In love with nature, through our rigorously vetted sourcing of eco-friendly, sustainable, handmade and cruelty free products, we aim to build a community which is committed to make a change in the way they live and promote a planet friendly lifestyle.

While we will not be able to reverse the clock, small changes make a big impact for the world. Changes can be made at individual levels by changing our habits and switching from environmentally harmful products to eco-friendly solutions as far as practically possible.

Our Vision:

Together We Can Make the World More Greener

Our Mission:

To inspire a green living by providing environmental friendly and socially responsible choices for our everyday requirements.

Product Types & Categories:

We deal with the following categories of products:

Eco-friendly& Biodegradable
Social enterprise products
Artisan made & Handmade
Cruelty free & vegan products
Herbal & Natural Products
Organic & Chemical free Products

Some of the Products available in our online shop:

Vegan Bags:

One of the major alternatives to the natural animal skin leather is cork leather and it is made from natural cork tree, a sustainable alternatives to conventional leather. We have good collection of backpacks, ladies bags, shoulder bags, wallets etc. of plant based leather products sourced from Portugal.

Clay Pots

Traditional earthen cookware (clay pots) has the special ability to retaining the nutrition and minerals while cooking and this makes the food incredibly aromatic and tasty. We have a collection of health earthen cook wares from Kerala, India, the gods own country.

Cast Iron Cookware

Cast Iron utensils are made for heavy-duty cooking and will have a longer shelf life than toxic nonstick cookware. Cast Iron cookware will preserve food nutrients and release some amount of iron content into dishes. We have these healthy kitchen utensils from India in our collection.

Jaipur Handmade Brass Ornaments

A testament of true craftsmanship, we bring you the classic contemporary brass ornaments from Jaipur, the Emerald City of India. We have artisan made Bracelets, Earrings, Rings and much more in our shop.

Hand Painted Mughal Ceramics

Shop online for fine ceramic handmade offering from Khurja, better known as the ‘Ceramics City’ of India. These beautifully hand-painted ceramic offering by Mughal Handicrafts Emporium in Bulandshahr is pottery at its finest!

Plastic Free Kids Items

We never compromise in providing safe care to our kids and wanted to avoid toxins and plastic based products. So as an alternative, we have now dinnerware, water bottles and more made from plant based fibers are available in our website.

Jute Bags and Totes

A favorite among environmentalists, jute has a negligible carbon footprint. It is also biodegradable and 100% compostable. Hand-stitched by artisans from the city of Kolkata, these product features a contemporary design with a traditional touch.

Hand Crafted Ladies Bags

Shop for classic hand crafted leather designer bags. This leather accessory is designed by Anchal Bhai Bijalani and has been stunningly handcrafted by artisans from Kutch, Gujarat, India.

Sustainable Cotton Fashion

Conventional cotton farming uses high levels of pesticides and toxic chemicals that seep into the Earth. Organic cotton farmers take extra care to protect the environment, animals and people. We have a collection of organic cotton T-shirts, masks, stole etc. to do our bit to reduce and lessen the impact on the environment.

Siberian Cedar Pillows

Siberian Cedar is an amazing tree and it is also a cleansing agent. Pieces of this tree are able to heal and restore the destroyed biofield. Use our cedar range of products for health and healing.

On the Go Bottles

Plastic or other synthetic materials are not good for keeping water especially when the water gets warm. We bring to you two alternatives – copper water bottles & wheat straw fiber bottles. Copper bottles: Made by artisans of Moradabad, the Brass City of India & Wheat straw bottles: Made in Vietnam

Re-usable Shopping Bags

Carry our re-usable shopping bag during your next visit to your grocer. It is smaller than your wallet and easy to carry. Reusable shopping bags are meant to be used year after year – saving the ocean from plastic harm of single use shopping bags.

Hand-woven Cotton Backpack

Own a beautiful backpack that has been hand-woven by skilled artisans using high quality cotton yarn. This is aesthetic and complements the contemporary graffiti style. Featuring village cotton, it is as eco-friendly, sustainable and durable as can be.

Dr. Charcoal Car Air Purifier

Dr. Charco al, Natural and Eco-friendly Air Purifier, Deodorizer and Dehumidifier – India’s largest selling non-electric air purifier. Made from activated charcoal whose surface contains microspores that absorb nasty odours and impurities present in the air which can be used in your car, wardrobe, bed room etc.

Pet Water Bottle Recycled Bags and Accessories:

The fabric of our bags is made from recycled PET plastic bottles, that after being cleaned, crushed and washed and from the recycled plastic chips new rPET yarns are spun, then the bag is made. Thus, a high quality and low environmental impact product with modern designs is realized and brought to you through our online luggage store. Brand from Italy.

Our Sustainable Packaging Methodology:

In order to uphold our commitment to our vision and mission, as far as practically possible, we use REUSABLE, RECYCLABLE, and BIODEGRADABLE packing materials for packing our products as described below:

Cardboard and paper:

We use materials marked as FSC-certified which are sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Biodegradable plastic

Biodegradable plastic is a practical, eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic. When plastic is required to use for packing, we ensure that we use bio-degradable and plant based plastic such as corn starch. Corn starch is an organic, biodegradable material derived from the corn or maize plant. It is an eco-friendly alternative to petroleum-based packaging.

Eco-friendly fillers

Traditional bubble pack is made of plastic that does not decompose, which makes it bad for the environment. We use cushioning material made out of up-cycled corrugated cardboard instead of traditional bubble pack. We also use recycled newspapers / shredded papers as fillers which are sourced from local community.

Minimalist packaging

When packing a product, we follow a minimalist approach and always use a container that matches the size of the item and in most of the cases make custom boxes for the items we are shipping. Also we pack similar items together to save packaging material though safety of the product while transit is not compromised.

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