Funky Photo Booth

South Africa, Johannesburg and Cape Town

Funky Photo Booth offers stylish and modern Photo Booths for all types of events, such as birthdays, weddings, corporate functions, activations, expos and more.

Main Services:

Traditional Photo Booth, Open Air Photo Booth, Open Air Green Screen Photo Booth, Inflatable Photo Booth, 360 Video Booth, Funky Photo Tunnel, Vogue Photo Booth, 360 Video Booth, 360 Spinner Booth, Anti-Gravity Photo Booth

Funky Photo Booth

Hire a Funky Photo Booth for your event so that your guests can capture fun moments and create lasting memories.

Our high-quality Canon cameras, printers, paper and ink ensure we deliver quality of the highest standard.

We travel to any type of venue in Gauteng and Western Cape. We sometimes have to travel a little further, so ask for a quote if your venue is further away or in another province, we will quote you accordingly.

Our Photo Booths range from Traditional Photo Booths, Open Air Green Screen Photo Booths, Open Air Photo Booth, Inflatable Photo Booths, 360 Video Booth aka 360 Spinning Booth, Funky Photo Tunnel aka Vogue Photo Booth and Anti-Gravity Photo Booth.

Traditional Photo Booth – this is the most popular choice. It is the Photo Booth that you see often in the movies, the box-shape one where you go inside and look at a screen of yourself. Typically, it will take 3-4 pics, so change your pose and pull those funny faces to make your pics fun and quirky.

Open Air Green Screen Photo Booth – you stand in front of a green screen like you’re in a movie. The host will have chosen theme-specific backgrounds which will show on the screen in front of you and on the printouts. You can be anywhere in the World or Universe, let your imagination enter realisation with a Green Screen Photo Booth.

Open Air Photo Booth – is the most ideal choice when you have your own special backdrop to add. For instance, if you have a beautiful rose wall at your wedding, or a company banner wall at a corporate event – an Open Air Photo Booth is the best way to showcase the supplied backdrop of your choice.

Inflatable Photo Booth – this stylish black inflatable with white interior, is the choice for an event with a bit more of an elegant decor choice. It doesn’t grab too much attention away from the decor you spent so much time and money on, however it adds a bit of class and is just as fun as our other options.

360 Video Booth aka 360 Spinner Booth – stand on the platform with LED lights that give you an infinity view through the floor. The camera arm rotates around you for about 8 seconds, it then compiles a short clip which is branded to your needs and has a licensed track for you to share on your social media platforms freely. We provide a red carpet and gold stanchion poles to not only give the whole setup a look of class and glamour, but also a little bit of a safety measure – because you know, there is an arm rotating around the unit.

The Funky Photo Tunnel aka the Vogue Photo Booth – this is a small room type setup that has LED lights on the side walls to give a glamorous and stylish look for your printed photos, just like you are on the cover of a Vogue magazine.

Anti-Gravity Photo Booth – is the latest addition to our Photo Booth products. What you see is an upside down room, as in chairs, tables etc. hanging from the ceiling. You then pose as you see fit on the floor or side walls, for the software to then flip it upside-down (or is it right-way up) – the printed result is you floating inside the room, giving that all-cool anti-gravity look.

Our friendly and charismatic operators ensure a hassle-free and fun experience for you and your guests. Instant prints and sharing abilities gives your guests instant gratification of a great event.

Make your event a memorable one with our Photo Booth services.

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