Funeral Seeds

United Kingdom, Doncaster

Funeral Seeds are proud to offer a range of premium, customised envelopes, all containing your choice of high-quality forget-me-not or sunflower seeds which are perfect for planting in remembrance of your loved one.

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Funeral Seeds, Memorial Gifts, Seed favours

Funeral Seeds

These envelopes can be personalised to feature a name, cherished photograph and dates, if requested, or simply feature our beautiful designs. They are ideal funeral and memorial gifts to hand out to friends and family.

Forget me not funeral seeds are a great way to create lasting memories.

For our personalised Memorial Gifts you can choose between our classic white envelopes or adopt a more rustic look with our brown craft-style envelopes, both of which contain your choice of premium forget-me-not or sunflower seeds.

When you place an order with Funeral Seeds, we will print your loved one’s name on your envelopes and you can then choose to add dates and a photograph, should you wish. If you choose not to include a photo, then you can pick from our own beautiful designs, which feature a bunch of forget-me-nots, a candle or an open heart wreath of flowers, to name a few.

We believe that while funerals can be a sad occasion, they are also an opportunity to celebrate the person you have lost and can lead you to reflect on the happy times you have shared. The forget-me-not flower has long been a potent symbol of remembrance, and the perfect way to commemorate your loved one. By giving those who attend the funeral an envelope of remembrance and seeds to scatter, you are marking the passing of a life but not the passing away of love.

All orders are prepared for posting within 24 hours!

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