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United States, Capitol Heights

Full Circle Martial Arts Academy

Full Circle Martial Arts Academy has been in the business of adding value to people’s lives for the last 29 years.
In our children’s program, we specialize in teaching our future leaders critical life skills and not just how to kick and punch. We teach them the true value of “serving others” by hosting annual Feed The Hungry Campaigns and Holiday Sharing Campaign. Here, our children feed the hungry and donate gifts to those less fortunate during the holiday season.
This is our way of developing well round future leaders who are grounded in the principles of self love, respect for others, empathy, and an attitude of gratitude.

GM Samuel Scott, Founder of Full Circle and Author of 6 books, has dedicated his life to helping people stay safe in this violent society. Over the last 29 years, he has trained thousands of men, women and teens, in his reality based self-defense program. To help spread the word about PERSONAL SAFETY, GM Scott has been featured in a number of news mediums, to include: WUSA 9 News, Channel 5, Channel 7, 96.3 WHUR, The Daily Drum, BET Heart & Soul, and more.
He has also trained thousands of police, protection specialist, and special force military personnel in his unique defensive tactics programs. This includes, Panama Police, Panama Police diplomat Protection Team, Abu Dhabi Police, Abu Dhabi Special Task Team, Airforce’s STS Team, and more. He consistently offers FREE seminars to women to help raise awareness about sex trafficking, and street violence in general.

During the peak of the pandemic, he launched a global movement called: Warriors Against Trafficking, to help raise awareness about this 150 billion dollar criminal enterprise. His global team offers FREE training to all women and provides valuable resources on their website. WarriorsAgainstTrafficking.com

Other services include, HIGH LEVEL private personal protection training to VIPS, who are too busy to take formal training. This unique 6 week program teaches the average citizen how to quickly defend themselves in violent altercations.

He is also a Executive Protection Specialist who provides protection service to VIPs, Diplomats, and others all over the world.

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"Although I'm new to this platform, I was amazed at the services you offer. The fact that I can have my websites constantly monitored, in real-time, to drastically improve my presence and ranking on google is ideal. All of the other services are just icing on the cake! No wonder you all have 250k members!!"

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