Chile, Santiago

We provides a lot of kawaii productos to your daily use for school, work, home or fashion situations. In fact, you could find water bottles, pencils, Sakura themed products, plush toys and so on.

Main Services:

Pins, Backpacks, Kawaii, Stationery, Sakura, Water bottles, K-pop, Office supplies, Sweatshirts, Gifts, Planners, Lettering, Pencil case, Purse bag, Socks, Earrings


Nowadays we have a store located in Compañia de Jesus 1214, local 207, mall Espacio M rounded by an exquisite variety of neoclassical buildings.

Currently, our business is focused on the attention of female audiences who share a taste for oriental trends related to Chilean pop culture and k-pop, also for those who attend mass events.
By defining our focus, we have various products for sale, among them we can mention: harajuku costumes, either with video game symbols, contemporary series or the “kawaii” concept, which we strive to continually develop, clothing accessories, backpacks, bags and wallets, stationery and office supplies, water bottles and stuffed animals.

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