Fox Animated Engineering

United States, Columbia, Missouri

Fox-AE is a science and engineering graphic studio, specializing in 3D animations and illustrations to assist trial attorneys in their efforts to take a complicated situation and simplify it for a jury to understand.

Main Services:

Legal animation, courtroom animation, animations and illustrations for trial, traumatic brain injury, construction animation, accident reconstruction animation, medical exhibits

Fox Animated Engineering

With an engineering background, we have the unique ability to prove liability beyond the shadow of a doubt.

We specialize in litigation graphics for brain/spine injuries, medical malpractice, construction defects, product liability, intellectual property, & patent technology. For matters unrelated to the courtroom, we have extensive experience in medical marketing, oil and gas, and aviation.

At Fox-AE, we pride ourselves on delivering the best visual graphics available to our clients on time, every time, at industry-leading prices.

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