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Foster and Lake is passionate about Shave Oil as the next best thing for people that shave.

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Shave Oil -Bergamot, Shave Oil- Unscented, Shave Oil- Sweet Orange, Light Shave Oil - Lavender, Face Wash -Natural Mint, Face Wash- Rustic Cedar, Bermotti After Shave - Bergamot, Blade Bath - Extends razor blade life, Gift Sets

Foster and Lake

Man or women. Understanding that soap has been the basis for 99% of all shave foams, gels, and creams, Foster and Lake set out to change the way people think about shaving. Because, applied shaving products have not advanced since 3000AD. It is said that lard and ash from a fire was formulated by early humans as one of the original shaving products. This was basically a crude way of making soap.

Soap making advanced over the years but basically since the production of soap was mastered, there’s been soap in the form a solid bar or puck, soap in a tube that was marketed as cream, soap in a can and finally gel in a can that lathered into a soap. Shave Oils are gaining considerable popularity as women and men are learning that the best shaves come with two steps. Step one: wash the are to be shaved with warn water and Face Wash to saturate and soften the hairs. Step two: Provide a slick surface so the razor can glide over the surface cutting hairs and not your skin. Shave oil is a much better lubricant than a water based soap. So much so that companies that continue to make soap based product have developed what they cal “pre-shave oils”. Many of them benefit the person shaving although they really are not made to be stand alone products like Shave Answers Shave Oils. Companies that produce them now sell people a “Pre-Shave Oil” and a soap to go on over the oil. This is not necessary if you formulate a good, stand alone, shave oil.

We have grown from one product into seventeen and are planning to expand our ladies brand into two additional Shave Answers Light Shave Oils. These oils have a different formula made for use buy ladies although men like them as well. These Light Shave Oils are formulated with coconut oil like our original formulas but us Jojoba as an alternative to Meadowfoam Seed Oil. This allows for the different applications in sensitive areas and is preferred by ladies.

Foster and Lake products are manufactured in the USA and sold at retail locations from coast to coast. Products are also available at or you can contact customer service at .

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